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  • The small friendly atmosphere in the studio in Portobello means you can completely relax anfd forget that you are not exactly sylph -like - Joan D
  • “We love coming to class on a Monday night.No-one feels out of place as all ages, shapes and sizes are made to feel welcome by  Fiona , who is a fantastic instructor...full of life, energy and encouragement which makes you feel capable and enthusiastic” Sheena Clarke
  • “I travel a lot with my work and so I found Fiona’s class was the perfect stress release! I think I must have smiled the entire time! I didn’t know my hips could move like that :-0)” Andrea
  • ”Loved it! So energetic and fun, doesn’t even feel like you are exercising..but you can tell it’s toning all your muscles from the moves you are doing!” Lynn
  • “Brilliant,fun exercise class,with great music” Adele


Please see below for full details about our classes at the Realistic Fitness Studio

Pre-booking is essential so get in touch to make sure we know you are coming :)

Fitsteps with Flick Turnbull

Fitness That’s Strictly Fun!

We’ve all enjoyed the magic of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Now you can enjoy the moves, the glides, the swoops and the swoons in the latest fitness sensation – and no partner required! Realistic Fitness are pleased to announce the arrival of  ‘Strictly’Fitsteps classes in their new studio in Portobello. Wear loose comfortable clothing and light indoor trainers ...sequins not necessary
See the timetable for full details but do get in early to book your slot. Demand for these classes will be high! And remember – K-E-E-P Dancing :)

Ballet Fit with Fiona Brown / Carolyn Mason

This fabulous class is aimed at real women with real bodies who have always wanted to do ballet but were told they couldn't or shouldn't

Release your inner Ballerina with this fun, low impact exercise class. Effectively tone muscles by learning and enjoying the basic moves of Ballet.
See balletfit page for more information...tutus are not essential!

Zumba with Helen Kiernan / Felicity 'Flick' Turnbull

No two Zumba classes are the same! Zumba is a high energy low -impact fitness class with Latin beats and sassy moves
Be prepared to get hot...sweaty and exhilerated and fit!  
In our classes ...Lots of options are offered ...no problem of you feel you can't keep up ...it's the taking part that counts

'Old School' Step with Flick Turnbull / Helen Kiernan and Fiona Brown when her broken ankle heals!

Inspired by Old School 80/90's music and trained by Fiona...the original Queen of Step this low impact  offers a great workout that is easy on the joints ...knees are looked after by ensuring the correct height of step ...
With the benefits of running and the impact of walking ...we are keen to resurrect this highly popular class and plan to add a few classes to the timetable over the coming months

Bums, Tums & Thighs with Fiona Brown

This tradtionally taught class aims at specifically toning your Bum ...Tum and thighs. You will quickly find that correct technique is all important coupled with her mantra of LESS IS MORE  ...Fiona will ensure that you're back is safe and your motivation is high!
Mainly floor based exercise ...no complicated choreography ...just good hard work and lots of repititions

Super Saturday Circuits with Helen Kiernan

Get your weekend off to a flying start with this indoor circuit class ...using simple but effective stations you will use every muscle you knew you had ...plus a few you have yet to discover  
All levels of fitness are catered for  ...options will be given ...but don't expect Helen to encourage you to take it easy ...that is definitely not her style!
Not for the faint hearted

If you are currently pregnant but still keen to stay fit and active why not sign up for our PRE NATAL Pilates classes with Fiona Brown / Becky Robertson

Ante or Pre-Natal Pilates classes are highly recommended as a method of preparing your body for the rigours of childbirth and pregnancy.
As you might expect there are some extra guidelines and recommendations  when exercising during pregnancy and Fiona is a fully qualified and experienced Ante/Post Natal Pilates Instructor.

You will meet other new mums-to-be and enjoy this class which will help you work at the correct level for you with an added element of relaxation.  Bliss!
NB The Pre Natal classes  are not included in the Summer Special and are booked in blocks with each class costing £7. Extra skills and tuition are required to ensure you and your baby are well looked after



Every body is welcome here at the new Realistic Fitness Studio including complete and absolute beginners.

In order to ensure you receive personal attention our class numbers are stictly limited.

Pre Booking is essential

Please email us at info@realistic-fitness.co.uk to register your interest or call 0131 669 8888 if you would like further information.



In the month of June 2014 we are offering unlimited Realistic Fitness Classes for the cost of £25